Free Upcoming Tastings...

Friday, February 5th
Super Bowl Beer
3pm to 6pm - In honor of Super Bowl 50, and because we just love beer, we will be having a fun beer tasting today!  See what brews we are pouring and let us know who you will be cheering for this year.

Saturday, February 6th
February's 6 Wines for $60
2pm to 6pm - Join us for a free sampling of our monthly "6 for $60" special.

Friday, February 12th
Valentine's Day Spirits
3pm to 6pm - Celebrating your loved one or just loving yourself this weekend? We got a drink for that.  See what is being poured and be inspired to make some deliciously fun and/or romantic cocktails for Valentine's Day.

Saturday, February 13th
Wines for Valentine's Day
2pm to 6pm - Having dinner this weekend? We have wine to pair with your meal.  See what is being poured today and take a bottle or six home and enjoy your Valentine's Day weekend.

Thursday, February 18th
Kosher Wine and Spirits
4pm to 7pm - It's February, so why not have a tasting this Thursday! A few bottles of kosher wine and spirits will be open for tasting today.  See what's new and good to take home.

Friday, February 19th
Unibroue Brewing
3pm to 6pm - Based in Quebec, Unibroue has been drawing its beer influence from Belgium since 1990.  Join us in tasting a variety of delicious products from this brewery.  
Check out their website for some cool recipes.  Just another reason to love drinking and eating with beer.

Saturday, February 20th
Wines from Italy
2pm to 6pm - Italian wines are known for their complexity and intriguing flavors that compliment many a dish.  See what is being poured today and pick up some bottles for your Saturday night.

Friday, February 26th
3pm to 6pm - It is still winter outside.  Let's celebrate the end of the snow with a whiskey tasting.  Enjoy these whiskeys neat, on the rocks, or in a delicious cocktail. 

Saturday, February 27th
Wines from France
2pm to 6pm - French wines are the way to end this month of love.  Full of tradition and rich flavors, these wines are fun and easy drinking for the weekend. See what is being poured and pair with tonight's dinner.

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