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Friday, June 27th

Brewer's Art Beer

4pm to 7pm - Stop in for Maryland's proud Brewer's Art beer! Sample some favorites and perhaps some new beers and take them home to share with friends!

Brewer's Art



Saturday, June 28th

German and Austrian Wines

2pm to 6pm - Join us in exploring wines from these two countries.  These wines will inspire you to take them home and pair them with a delicious Saturday dinner!



Friday, July 4th


3pm to 6pm - What can be better than an American holiday focused on fireworks, grilling, friends, and family? A sangria tasting!!! Start the celebration early with us and take some bottles for your parties.



Saturday, July 5th

July's 6 for $60

2pm to 6pm - Join us for a free sampling of our monthly "6 wines for $60" special. 


Friday, July 11th
Public Works Ale
4pm to 7pm - The beers that Public Works produces are worthy of site that they are brewed on (the Orioles' former home).  Come in, taste, smile, walk out with some beer to enjoy during the long summer nights!.

Saturday, July 12th
Summer Wines
2pm to 6pm - Last weekend was nice and now the heat is back! Cool off with our delicious variety of summer wines. Enjoy them by the pool or on your porch.

Friday, July 18th

Bourbon and Rye

4pm to 7pm - It is time again to try some new bourbons and ryes! Find a new favorite to take home and enjoy on these long summer nights.



Saturday, July 19th

Wine TBD

2pm to 6pm -



Friday, July 25th

Heavy Seas Beer

4pm to 7pm - Heavy Seas is a brewery that people have come to rely on for happy hour.  Stop in to sample these delicious beers and take them home!

Heavy Seas



Saturday, July 26th

Bulgarian Wines

2pm to 6pm - Bulgarian wines are on the rise! Join us in tasting them to see why this region is becoming popular in the wine world.



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