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Saturday, September 6th
Restock Your Cellar Sale
11am until the wine runs out!
It's that time of year again! Come sample a vast array of hand selected wines all at distributor closeout prices. Not to be missed!!

Thursday, September 11th
Kosher Wine Tasting
5pm to 8pm -  Rosh Hashannah is almost here!  Stock up on your favorite Kosher wines and celebrate the New Year with delicious wines that pair with apples and honey.

Friday, September 12th
4pm to 7pm - Friday is always a good day to for cordials as an after work or dinner drink.  Join us in sampling these delicious products and let the weekend begin!

Saturday, September 13th
Wines from the Southern Hemisphere
2pm to 6pm - The Southern Hemisphere is moving up in the wine world.  Stop by to see what is new from these regions and find a new favorite wine.

Friday, September 19th
Cisco Brewers
4pm to 7pm - We noticed that there were no beers from Nantucket on our shelves.  Let us change that!  Join us in tasting Cisco Brewers and pick up a six pack for your weekend.

Saturday, September 20th
Wines from Italy
2pm to 6pm - A place known and loved for its wine, Italy has been influencing the wine world for centuries.  Stop in to taste these delicious wines that pair well with meat and pasta.

Friday, September 26th
Catoctin Creek Distillery

4pm to 7pm -  Join us in sampling Catoctin Creek's organic and kosher spirits.  Check out their website for some delicious cocktail recipes!

Catoctin Creek Distillery

Saturday, September 27th
Wines from France
2pm to 6pm - Last weekend of September!  Time to raise our glasses (pinkies out) and drink some French wine.  Stop in to sample some wonderful wines and pair them with your favorite cheese.


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